Why buy Energy Star?

Energy Star certification has become increasingly popular in the air conditioning and heating areas. Check out all the advantages you are getting by buying Energy-Star certified heat pumps and air conditioners.

Since 1992, Energy Star is recognized worldwide to guarantee an high energy efficiency on many electric appliances. It allows the customers to clearly identify the air conditioners and heat pumps that have the highest energy efficiency.

  • Energy Savings
    Energy-Star approved air conditioners and heat pumps consume a lot less energy than standard systems. Most of the time, they are using around 20% and 30% less energy than the average heat pumps and air conditioners.
  • Money Savings
    A reduced consumption of energy necessarily leads to money savings on energy and electricity bills
  • Environment preservation
    Since your appliances are using less energy, you will significantly reduce greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. In addition, whether it is for heating or air conditioning systems, all Energy-Star certified appliances are supported by strict standards of performance and evaluation.
  • Tests and Certifications
    When an air conditioner, a heat pump or a heating system gets the Energy Star approval, it means that it has been thoroughly tested and certified by the canadian government.
  • Quality and Performance
    All Energy-Star certified air conditioning and heating systems offer the same performance and the same quality as the non-Energy Star appliances.
    List of appliances certified Energy Star

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