Commercial projects

Do you have a commercial project in mind? Regardless of your business sector : sport center, restaurant, convenience store, office building or other, Tran Climatisation offers your great economical solutions, that will fit your budget and demands for your commercial projects, in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heating (heat pumps) and finally, geothermal systems.)

Industrial projects

For your industrial projects in ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and geothermal systems, Tran Climatisation offers your turnkey projects with performing, efficient and profitable systems and, regardless of your business sector : refrigerated warehouse, industrial complex, food-processing industry, etc.

Engineering Department

Since 2009, Tran Climatisation decided to innovate even more by creating a engineering and energetic efficiency department, directly related to our sales department. It is a first time on Montreal’s South Shore that a business that specializes in air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration. Tran Climatisation offers you a custom accompaniment service in order to find the most efficient energy consumption solution for your project.