Energy Star Wall Air Conditioner

Buy an Energy Star wall air conditioner and you can save up to 10% on your electricity and heating bills annually.

Thinking about getting a brand new wall air conditioner? Buying an Energy Star wall air conditoiner and benefit from its many advantages.

  • Save energy!
    All Energy Star certified wall air conditioners use a lot less energy than ordinary air conditioners. Actually, Energy Star wall air conditioners consume between 20% and 30% less energy than the standard air conditioners.
  • Save money!
    Since your Energy Star wall air conditioner is a lot less greedy with energy, you could save up to 10 % on your annual energy bills.
  • Protect the environment
    By using an Energy Star wall air conditioner, not only will you reduce your energy consumption, but you will also diminish all the greenhouse gas emissions in the air. Finally all appliances that are Energy Star certified are supported by strict norms of performance and evaluation.
  • Tests and Certifications
    When a wall air conditioner receive the Energy Star approval, it means that it has been thoroughly tested and certified by Canadian government.
  • Same quality, same performance
    Be assured that your Energy Star air conditioner offers you the same quality and the same performance than any other models available on the market.

List of appliances certified Energy Star

Want to buy an Energy Star wall air conditioner? Take a look at our amazing selection of wall conditioners and take your pick!

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