Energy Star Central Heat Pump

Buy an Energy Star central heat pump with high energy efficiency and you can save up to 10% on your electricity and energy bills.

When getting an Energy Star central heat pump, be ready to benefit from many advantages.

  • Save energy!
    All Energy Star central heat pumps are using a lot less energy that the standard models that are available on the market. Actually, most Energy Star heat pumps consume up to 30% less energy than any average central heat pump.
  • Save money!
    By combining your central heat pump with your heating system, you already save up to 10% on heating bills. But, if you get an Energy Star central heat pump, you can double this and save up to 20 % on your energy and electricity bills throughout the year.
  • Protect the environment!
    By using an Energy Star central heat pump, you will reduce your energy consumption, but you will also diminish the emissions of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
  • Tests and certifications
    When a central heat pump receives the Energy Star certification, this means that it has been thoroughly tested and certified as such by the federal government.
  • Be assured that your Energy Star central heat pump provides you with the same performance and the same quality as would do a standard central heat pump.

List of appliances certified Energy Star

Want to buy an Energy Star central heat pump? Take a look at our selection of central heat pumps and take your pick!

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