For nearly a decade, Tran Climatisation does sale, installation, maintenance and repair of high-quality central air conditioners in Mount Royal. Even with the growing popularity of ductless air conditioners, central air conditioning systems prevail in homes with two floors and more. The main advantage of a central air conditioner is the comfort: central air conditioning systems cool the entire home at one time, many people feel more comfortable than they would if there were individual units installed in various rooms around the house. Also, most central air conditioning systems are extremely quiet, so quiet that the occupants of the home barely hear the system running. Other than a slight click and blowing sound when it starts, the system runs virtually without sound so it does not interfere with the occupants’ enjoyment. Finally, nowadays, most central air conditioning systems are Energy Star approved, which guarantees high energy efficiency that lead to great savings on your energy bill.

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Our technical and advice team is always available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best central air conditioning system that fits with your needs and budget. We can also explore with you financing and subsidies solutions so you can realize your project.

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