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Buying Guide – Heat Pump


Benefit from all the advantages of the heat pump!
With constant changes in Quebec’s weather, what is better than a system that can both cool and heat your house? For the last few years, the heat pump has become increasingly popular in Quebec’s houses. With a very sophisticated conception, a central or wall heat pump can easily respond to all your heating and cooling needs, while helping you save on your energy bills

Tran Climatisation offers you this buying guide that will provide you will all the information you need to make a judicious choice on your heat pump. Whether it is about its functioning, its benefits, our services or even, frequently asked questions, we thought about everything!

Whether you are looking for a wall or central heat pump, Tran Climatisation offers you an exceptional and all necessary skills and expertise for installation, maintenance and repair of your heat pump. Do not hesitate to call us to save money and time, with high-quality products.

Why choose Tran Climatisation?

With Tran Climatisation, quality of service provides a full answer to all your requirements. We offer comprehensive customized solutions through air conditioning products on the cutting edge of technology

Authorized dealer of prestigious international brand Carrier, we are proud to offer you the best prices for high energy-efficient heat pumps that will bring you all the comfort and well-being that you need, while saving on your energy bills

You can always count on the professionalism of our team of specialists, composed of expert advisors and certified technicians, which supports all services related to your heat pump equipment: from sale to installation through maintenance and repair.

Whether it is for ductless or central heat pump, let Tran Climatisation combine comfort and energy saving to your projects.

Wall Heat Pump

How does a wall heat pump work?
The principle of functioning of the heat pump is based on the transfer of heat from one place to another. Like the wall air conditioner, the wall heat pump is composed of an indoor unit, the heat exchanger, and an outdoor unit, the condenser. In air conditioning mode, the heat exchanger captures the warm air in your home. The heat pump then moves the heat by the evaporation and condensation of a refrigerant, that a compressor make circulate between two coils. The refrigerant is now evaporated at low pressure, which allows it to absorb the heat contained in the air. Then, it is pumped to another coil, where it is condensed at high pressure and rejects the heat and moisture outside. In the heating mode, the heat pump cycle is reversed. Since the outdoor air always contains heat particles, the heat pump can easily heat your home during winter. At -18°C, air contains up to 80 % of heat that it contains at 21°C.

What are the benefits of the wall heat pump?
Efficient and low-noise, the heat pump cools your home evenly and uniformly during summer. However, since you can also use the heat pump to heat your house during winter, it is necessary to combine it with a forced-air central heating system, such as an electric furnace or gas boiler. In addition, the wall heat pump also has the advantage of not drying out the air as other heating systems. It uses a renewable energy, the warmth of the air for the heating and cooling.

With all the savings you will make, the price difference between an air conditioner and heat pump is paid in less than 2 years. The annual utilisation of a heat pump can make you save from 15 % to 40 % in energy. For optimum energy efficiency, choose a heat pump that is Energy Star approved; that guarantees an high energy efficiency.

Like the ductless air conditioning system, it is important to calculate the area that needs to be cool or heated. Therefore, you can choose a heat pump which size is adapted to your needs. Consult the chart below in order to know the size of the heat pump you need.

[table id=8 /]

Central Heat Pump

How does a central heat pump work?
Like the wall heat pump, the central heat pumps does heat transferts from a place to the other. In heating mode, the condenser captures the heat particles in the air and moves the heat by condensation and evaporation of a refrigerant that a condenser makes circulate in a piping. Then, the refrigerant is evaporated at low temperature in one of the ducts; this process allows it to absorb the heat in the particles and to diffuse it through the house. In air conditioning mode, the process is reversed : the heat exchanger capture the hot air in your house, make it pass through a network of pipes to eject the heat and moisture outside.

What are the advantages of a central heat pump?
The main advantage of a central heat pump is a better air distribution: it diffuses the air more easily by wall ducts and provide a more even coolness during summer and heating during winter. If you wish to use a central pump as a heating system, it is necessary to combine it with another heating system, like a gas furnace or electric boiler. In this way, you can have comfortable warmth during the coldest days of winter. During winter, a heat pump can ensure from 80 % to 90 % of the heating in your home. During the coldest days of winter, when temperature goes under – 15°C, your secondary heating system will take over. If you have a heating system that feeds from fossil energy (gas or oil), you can benefit from a dual energy rate that can make you save significant amounts of money on your energy bills.

When it is in heating mode, the heat pump does not dry the air, so you do not have to use a humidifier. Even if the installation and purchase price seems higher than an air conditioner, with the energy you will save, you will amortize your purchase in less than five years. Since all the heat pumps sold at Tran Climatisation are Energy Star approved which guarantees its high energy efficiency.

Heat Pump 101 : Practical Guide

Even if the heat pump is increasingly popular, take some time to gather all the information you need prior to your purchase. First of all, take the time to consult the regulation about heat pumps in your city. You have to take into consideration that heat pump (your outdoor unit mostly) may adversely affect the well-being of your neighbors both by its appearance than by the sound it generates. Here is an overview of the regulation in force in most cities:

  • It is forbidden to install your heat pump’s outdoor unit in your front yard, including your gallery or balcony. It is also forbidden to fix your heat pump on the outside front wall of your house.
  • Any outside wall or part of an outside wall facing a public way (street) is considered as being in the front yard, then, cannot allow a heat pump installation.
  • For a heat pump installation, you need a minimal opening of 3 meters of all limit of adjacent home.

If you wish to learn more about municipal regulations concerning the heat pumps, contact your city hall as soon as possible.

Before buying your heat pump, here are some things to consider:

  • The efficiency of a heat pump depends greatly on climate. Its efficiency tends to drop when the outside temperature goes under – 15°C. Considering that Quebec, the winter weather often goes under – 15°C, you need to have a heating system than can take over during the coldest days of winter.
  • Even with its modern conception, a heat pump can be a noisy system. During your purchase, be careful to choose a heat pump that has a maximal noise level of 7,6 bels. The noise level indicates the noise of the outdoor unit of your heat pump. The lower the noise level is, the lower the condenser will be.
  • Make sure your home is well insulated. A heat pump loses its efficiency in a house that does not have adequate insulation.
  • Be vigilant when you choose your heat pump’s company: some ill-intentioned entrepreneurs can sell you high-quality systems, but you will have a sloppy installation and no resources whatsoever to repair any damage.

If you need advice on purchase or to replace your heat pump, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation’s team, who will take the time to give you any additional information you may need.


Tran Climatisation ensures a complete range of services related to your air conditioning system : from sale to installation, with maintenance and repair, we provide you with a customized and professional service so you are completely satisfied with your new air conditioning system.

Sale & Advice

Our expert advisors are there for you!
At Tran Climatisation, our advisors, specialised in sale and advice, are regularly formed by manufacturers in order to know about the specific features of our products. Our diverse expertise allows us to adequately answer all your questions and to find the solution that perfectly fit your needs. We wish to find with your, easy and economical solutions to ensure optimum comfort all year long. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Cost evaluation of your air conditioning or heating system project
  • Research of available brands and models
  • Subsidy and financing possibilities
  • Information about our services (installation, maintenance and repair)
  • Information on warranties


A team of specialized technicians for an impeccable installation!
At Tran Climatisation, we ensure of our technicians’ excellence so that each installation is done in a professional, thorough and impeccable way. Our technician’s team, that gathers electricians, tinsmiths and certified refrigeration technicians, can go everywhere in Montreal and on the South Shore, and can also deliver HVAC equipment directly to your home

Once he has arrived, technician proceeds with the installation, done following HVAC industry rules and standards. He will take good care to leave his working environment secure and spotless. Before he leaves, our technician will make one last inspection to make sure your new HVAC unit works properly and that you understand its functioning thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new air conditioning or heating system.

  • Quality work :
    We guarantee that each technician that works in your house has all necessary certifications and qualifications and that his experience has been thoroughly verified. Be assured that the work accomplished will be of the highest quality.
  • Impeccable workplace
    Nothing is more frustrating than a technician who does not clean his working environment after? Our technicians are careful to clean up their work environment without leaving any equipment or thrash behind.
  • Reliability and peace of mind
    Regardless of the size of your project, our technicians are reliable professionals who verify each step of the installation. All our installations are guaranteed for a 10-year period, parts and labor.

Financing and Subsidies

Have you ever missed the opportunity to buy or replace an air conditioner simply because you did not have access to a financing solution or a subsidy? Concerned about helping you realize your projects, Tran Climatisaion offers you the chance to participate to a subsidy program or to access to a financing solution, to realize your purchase or replacement project for a heat pump, air conditioner or heating system without hassle. Until March 2012, the Government of Canada proposed a financing solution to improve the energy efficiency of homes, while saving money on energy bills. You have now access to four subsidie programs:

  • Novoclimat Subsidy : Quebec subsidy to increase eco-energetic performance of your new home. Applies on heats pumps, air conditioners and heating systems. Can go up to $1000.
  • Rénoclimat Subsidy : Quebec subsidy for purchase or replacement of ventilation systems or heat pumps. Can go up to $650
  • LogiRénov Program: Tax credit from Quebec’s Government that allows installation or replacement of heating systems, air conditioning, geothermal systems and ventilation systems. Until July 2015. Can go up to $2,500.

If you plan to make major renovations in your home in order to purchase or replace a heat pump, air conditioner or heating systems and you wish to subscribe to a subsidy or financing program, Tran Climatisation is there to help you. Meet one of our consultants to explore subsidies or financing solutions that you are eligible to and that can help you realize your project. Our consultant will tell you about the latest financing solutions for your renovation project. Do not let any financial obstacle terminate your project : you can always count on our support to help you find financing solutions that will meet your expectations, regardless of its size. Take a few minutes to contact Tran Climatisation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions for us? We have gathered for you some common interrogations that our customers have about heat pumps. If you do not find the answer you are seeking, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation’s team, we will be pleased to answer all of your questions.

What are the actual savings after buying a heat pump?
At long term, purchasing a heat pump is an economical choice and also contribute to reduce greenhouse gas effects, that, unfortunately, increases global warming. From an economical point of view, many factors are taken into consideration: the amount of oil or gas used, price of oil and gas compared with electricity, and also the weather. At long term, the heat pump’s price is amortized.

However, the previously mentioned factors influence the recovery time. If you wish to learn more about the dual energy rate offered by Hydro-Québec, please check this link : http://www.hydroquebec.com/residential/understanding-your-bill/rates/residential-rates/

When is it time to replace my heat pump?
Even with good care and regular maintenance, your heat pump begins to show signs of age. Here are some sure signs that will make you think about changing your loyal heat pump:

  • Your heat pump is more than 15 years old
  • Your condenser or heat exchanger is very noisy.
  • Repairs are more frequent and increasingly expensive.
  • Your energy bills do not cease to increase.
  • Its heating and cooling capacity diminishes.

If you want to replace your current heat pump, do not hesitate to contactTran Climatisation for a free quote.

What is the average price for purchasing and installing a heat pump?
Nowadays, prices offered by manufacturers gather the price of your system and its installation. However, many factors can influence your heat pump’s price: the surface to cool and heat (which determine your heat pump’s size), the type and state of air ducts and adding accessories such as thermostat, air purifiers, filters and humidifiers. Tran Climatisation’s advisors will help you make a wise choice that will take your budget and needs in consideration.

What can I do as preventive maintenance for my heat pump?
If you want your heat pump to function at the top of its game, it is important to have a preventive maintenance. Your heat pump needs an inspection and maintenance from a trained technician at least twice a year. This inspection is done to detect any problem : rust, mildew, dirty air ducts, motor, ventilation. During the inspection, the technician will make your heat pump function through a whole cycle in order to find any anomaly in the compressor, the heat exchanger, the ventilation or the wall ducts. Outside this inspection, you can do some basic inspection and maintenance to your heat pump. You can dust your outdoor and indoor units as well as the ducts you can access without problem. Dust can easily accumulate and create a proper environment for bacteria and allergy agents to develop. If your heat pump has an air purifier, replace the filters regularly. You can also clean the carbon and HEPA filters with a vacuum cleaner (NEVER clean these filters with water.)

However, it is important to let Tran Climatisation’s technician do an extensive inspection and maintenance of your units : you will have the guarantee of a professional and quick work,

What are the advantages of a regular maintenance on a heat pump?

  • A well-kept heat pump will function at its maximum capacity without being hampered by damaged parts or clogged pipes.
  • A heat pump that has a seasonal maintenance will have a longer life.
  • Maintenance and annual inspection prevent large debris that could damage your heat pump and lead to very expensive repairs.
  • A unit that serviced once or twice per year will consume less energy than a neglected system whose motor and components must work twice as hard to provide heating and air conditioning you need.

What is the difference between a ductless heat pump and wall air conditioner?
The main difference that exists between the wall air conditioner and heat pump is that the heat pump, in addition to air conditioning, can also heat your home. /From a more technical point of view, the difference between the wall heat pump and the wall air conditioner is that the operation process of the ductless heat pump is based on a reversal system of the refrigerant’s flow direction. This process captures the hot air particles from outside to inside to heat your home during the winter season.

Can I use my heat pump as a heating system?
Your heat pump can heat your home for most winter. However, when the outdoor temperature goes under -15°C, the heat pump can lose a bit of its efficiency. The exclusive heating of your home with a heat pump is not recommended. For an optimal performance, combine your heat pump with a central system, like an electrical furnace or natural gas boiler.

My heat pump is very noisy. What can I do?
Basically, the heat pump has many parts that can be noisy, a fan that make the outside air circulate to ensure the cooling of coils, sound of compressors and noise of circulation of refrigeration. The noise level is an important to consider when purchasing your heat pump. Look for a model that has a noise level of 7,6 bels (1 bel = 10 decibels) and your heat pump will be relatively quiet and will not disturb your neighbours.

During the installation, Tran Climatisation’s technician makes sure to take all necessary measures to muffle the noise: adding small cushions under the heat pump, system distanced from the wall, adding a power switch close to the outside unit, etc. After verification, if your heat pump is still noisy, maybe it is a more important problem. Should this happen, take an appointment with a Tran Climatisation’s technician that can quickly fix your problem.

How can I determine my heat pump’s size?
As for the air conditioner, you need to measure the area that needs to be cooled and heated. As indication, we created this chart that will allow you to find the right size for your heat pump.

[table id=9 /]

What is the Inverter technology?
The Inverter technology is the latest evolution of technology concerning the motors of the compressors. An Inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so as to continuously regulate the temperature. The DC Inverter units have a variable-frequency drive that comprises an adjustable electrical inverter to control the speed of the electromotor, which means the compressor and the cooling / heating output. The drive converts the incoming AC current to DC and then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces current of desired frequency. A microcontroller can sample each ambient air temperature and adjust accordingly the speed of the compressor. The inverter air conditioning units have increased efficiency in contraction to traditional air conditioners, extended life of their parts and the sharp fluctuations in the load are eliminated. This makes the inverter AC units quieter, with lower operating cost and with less broke downs.


Concerned about providing with a complete range of services, Tran Climatisation offers you warranties that take performance and life expectancy of your heat pump in consideration. In addition of offering the manufacturers’ warranty, here are the warranties offered by Tran Climatisation.

  • 10-year warranty on all installations
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • 5 to 10 years warranty on parts (varies from a manufacturer to another)
  • After-sale sale warranty after sale and installation

When buying your air conditioning system, Tran Climatisation is committed to give you all the necessary information regarding the warranties related to your air conditioner.


If you wish to learn more about heat pumps or want to obtain a free quote for your next heat pump, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation. We service all of Montreal’s territory as well as Montreal’s South Shore. Contact us by email, phone or come visit us directly in store.

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