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Buying Guide – Geothermal Systems


Even if it is still rather unknown in Quebec, the popularity of geothermal systems does not cease to grow. In Quebec only, more than 170,000 homes now have a geothermal system to heat and cool their home. Geothermal systems use water and earth’s heat to supply a home with heating and air conditioning all year long. It remains an economical and green solution but is also a very important investment.

Tran Climatisation offers you this buying guide that will give you all the information that you may need to make a judicious purchase for your geothermal system. Whether it is for its functioning, its advantages, our services and even, frequently asked questions, we thought on everything!

Tran Climatisation offers you an exceptional expertise and all necessary skills for installation, maintenance and repairs on your geothermal systems. Do not hesitate to contact to save time and money, with products of the highest quality.

Why choose Tran Climatisation?

At Tran Climatisation, the quality of the customer service allows us to entirely respond to your requirement. We provide you with global, customized solutions via our high-technology geothermal systems.

As an authorized dealer of worldwide-known brand Carrier, we are proud to offer you the best prices for energy-efficient geothermal systems, approved by Energy Star that will bring you all the comfort and well-being that you deserve, while making you save on your energy bills.

You can always count on the professionalism of our team, which gathers experts and certified technicians, that will take charge of all services related to your geothermal system: from the sale to the installation, maintenance, and repair.

Let Tran Climatisation ally comfort and energy savings to your geothermal systems projects!

Geothermal Systems

What is a geothermal system?

Since the beginning of time, the sun has remained a heating source for Earth. Its energy heats our planet directly, but also, indirectly. Its heat evaporates water from lakes and rivers by following hydrological cycle (water cycle), this water comes back to earth and will seep through the ground. Many meters of compacted soil isolate the soil and underground water. Then, underground water and the heated earth provides a free and renewable energy source. The soil that is under your home offers you enough energy to heat and cool all the rooms in home, regardless of the outdoor weather.

If your home is close to a lake or a pond, you can also get energy from a water source that can fuel your geothermal system. Having an underground loop around your home would be like having your own oil well, except that, instead of oil that is a hydrocarbon and a non-renewable energy source, you can benefit from a clean and non-polluting energy source.

An underground loop, adequately built and installed will not cause any damage to soil or plants that grow above. By doing business with Tran Climatisation, a certified and accredited contractor, the installation of your geothermal system will leave no trace. When your system uses the underground water, the only effect you can notice is a small temperature drop of a few degrees.

How does a geothermal system works?

First, a geothermal system is made of three main components: an underground heat exchanger, a geothermal heat pump and the ductwork inside the house for air conditioning and heating. When the geothermal system in on heating mode, the exchanger absorbs the heat in the earth; then, this heat is picked up by the heat pump. The distribution system in the house brings this heat to the house.

On the air conditioning mode, the building’s heat is transmitted via the heat distributing system, then absorbed by the heat pump, and returning to the ground by the exchanger. In this way, one kilowatt of electricity consumed by the heat pump allows to produce from 3 to 5 kilowatts of energy.

Unlike the standard heat pump that use the outdoor air as an energy source, the geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a source point and as a heat rejection point that allow to reach high Coefficient of Performance (COP) – (COP is the ratio between the energy produced by the geothermal system and the amount of electricity consumed by it.). However, an underground heat exchanger needs a minimal length to draw and reject heat in the ground.

Here are the different types of geothermal systems:

  • Vertical closed loops systems: Captures the soil heat deep in the ground
  • Open loop systems: Captures the heat in a lake or a phreatic table, with two wells)
  • Permanent column well systems: Captures the heat in calories coming from a lake or a phreatic table, with only one well.
  • Closed loop horizontal systems: Captures the soil heat on the surface
  • If you wish to know more about the geothermal systems’ diversity, do not hesitate to call upon the expertise of Tran Climatisation, in order to make the best choice that meets all your needs.

    What are the advantages of geothermal systems?

    The first advantage of a geothermal system is its respect towards the environment. In fact, two third of the energy provided to your home via a geothermal system is coming for a solar energy, that is entirely renewable, that is in the earth. Since this energy is free, you will save a lot of money on your energy bills.

    Also, you will save 65% to 70% on the heating cost of a standard electric heating system and 35% to 70% on the cost of any other combustible heating system (oil, propane, natural gas). The cost of these energy sources increases annually; unlike the geothermal energy that remains stable because it uses a very stable energy source that does not require the installation of a storage tank.

    One of the other advantages of having a geothermal system is having a comfortable home all year long, regardless of the outdoor temperature. The air temperature that is produced by a geothermal system is generally between 35 °C, on the other hand, the heat produced by an electric or combustible that reaches 50 °C to 60 °C. Adding a thermostat allows you to control your geothermal system without having to constantly suffer from temperature variations.

    Also, since the geothermal system is independent ; it uses an unlimited, renewable, reliable and stable source of energy, it heat or cool production does not depend upon the weather, nor on energy cost that are increasing every year.

    A geothermal system is also a very discreet and quiet air conditioning and heating system, it can heat the domestic water, and with the appropriate maintenance, can last up to 50 years.
    To learn more about the geothermal systems, do not hesitate to communication with the experts of Tran Climatisation who will be pleased to give you all the information you need.

    Geothermal Systems 101: A few factors to consider

    Since a geothermal system is a very important investment, it is essential that you have all the necessary elements at hand to make the best possible choice that will allow you to benefit for a comfortable air conditioning during summer and efficient heating during winter. Here are a few elements you must verify prior to purchase your geothermal system.

    • Space and regulation :A geothermal system requires a lot of space for its installation. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have proper environment and space to “receive” your geothermal system. Such a system gets its energy from the soil, so, it is necessary to install the underground loop around the house. Generally speaking, other “services” are buried there: electric cables, gas and water pipelines, sewers, leaching fields, and so on, and they must be avoided while digging, like trees and bushes. Make sure that equipment used for installation (excavator, backhoe or drilling equipment) can reach the desired spot. You also have to verify on the exact spot to find anything that belongs to public services. For even more certitude, call upon the services of a land surveyor for your own property to know about its limits, as well as well as the locations of rights of way and setbacks. Specific local regulations concerning the geothermal systems do exist, inquire to your city hall to learn about this regulation.
    • Adapted electric system and existing ductwork : It is obvious that the savings you will make by having a geothermal system can be very interesting. Most of the time, all you have to do is to graft your geothermal system to your current system, without having to change its capacity. However, it is recommended to make all necessary verifications on that matter to avoid bad surprises. If you use a heating system fueled by a combustible ( oil, natural gas, propane), it is possible that you need to increase the electric capacity to meet the needs of a geothermal system.
    • Area Surface to cool/heat :Like any heating or air conditioning system, it is important that your geothermal system adequately meet your needs in heating and air conditioning. This is an important data to know because it will exactly determine the capacity of your geothermal system. This capacity is calculated in kW and has to exactly correspond to your needs. It is essential that you ask for a Tran Climatisation technician to make this calculation, which mainly measures the heat losses in your home.

      Many variables are considered during this calculation:

      • Your home’s floor space and volume
      • Your home’s configuration and orientation
      • Geographical Location
      • Construction Type
      • Waterproofness and isolation level
      • Windows’ type, dimensions, and orientation

      It is important to specify that the calculation that we use these days do not only consider the heat losses, but also recent data about climate. Do not hesitate to ask your technician for a clear explanation about the results he will get. Even if it may seem unnecessary, when you will have a better idea about your geothermal system’s capacity, you will avoid overusing energy with a motor that is too powerful, and, therefore save on your energy bills.

    • Purchase and installation cost
      Many factors, such as the brand, model and capacity can determine your geothermal system’s cost. However, its installation cost remains very high : between 20,000$ and 30,000$. You have access to a lot of financial aid and subsidies to help you realize your geothermal system projects. After its installations, the average cost of heating with a geothermal system is around $400 per year, and $50 to $75 for air conditioning.

      In conclusion, we invite you to consult this little lexicon of words used for geothermal systems that will help have a better understanding of your system.

      • Advection: Energy transport caused by the movement of a liquid
      • Coefficient of Performance: Ration between the energy produced by the geothermal system and the electric power consumed by it.
      • Conduction: Thermal transfer without global displacement of matter provoked by a temperature variation between two habitats.
      • Geothermal heat pump : Device that allows to transfer the heat from the ground to the house (during winter) and transfer the heat from a building to the ground(during summer).
      • Ton: Measure unit for geothermal system power. 1 ton = 12 000 BTU/h = 3,52 kW. Average demand for a single-family home is approximately 2-3 tons.
      • Do not hesitate to contact us about your new geothermal system : ask for a free quote and meet with one of our expert consultants to find the geothermal system that will meet all your needs in heating and air conditioning.


      Tran Climatisation ensures a complete range of services related to your geothermal system: from sale to installation, with maintenance and repair, we provide you with a customized and professional service so you are completely satisfied with your new boiler.

      Sale & Advice

      At Tran Climatisation, our advisors, specialized in sale and advice, are regularly formed by manufacturers in order to know about the specific features of our products. Our diverse expertise allows us to adequately answer all your questions and to find the solution that perfectly fit your needs. We wish to find with your, easy and economical solutions to ensure optimum comfort all year long. Here is what we can do for you:

      • Cost evaluation of your air conditioning or heating system project
      • Research of available brands and models
      • Subsidy and financing possibilities
      • Information about our services (installation, maintenance, and repair)
      • Information on warranties


      At Tran Climatisation, we ensure of our technicians’ excellence so that each installation is done in a professional, thorough and impeccable way. Our technician’s team, that gathers electricians, tinsmiths and certified refrigeration technicians, can go everywhere in Montreal and on the South Shore, and can also deliver
      your geothermal systems directly to your home

      Once he has arrived, technician proceeds with the installation, done following geothermal systems’ industry rules and standards. He will take good care to leave his working environment secure and spotless. Before he leaves, our technician will make one last inspection to make sure your new boiler works properly and that you understand its functioning thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new heating system.

      • Quality work
        We guarantee that each technician that works in your house has all necessary certifications and qualifications and that his experience has been thoroughly verified. Be assured that the work accomplished will be of the highest quality.
      • Impeccable workplace
        Nothing is more frustrating than a technician who does not clean his working environment after? Our technicians are careful to clean up their work environment without leaving any equipment or trash behind.
      • Reliability and peace of mind
        Regardless of the size of your project, our technicians are reliable professionals who verify each step of the installation. All our installations are guaranteed for a 10-year period, parts and labor.
      • Maintenance

        Your unit’s maintenance: an essential step
        Did you know that a seasonal maintenance of your geothermal system allows not only optimizing its functioning but also extending its life expectancy? Whether it is for cleaning dirty coils, replacing filters or adjusting wall ducts, Tran Climatisation’s certified technicians accomplish any kind of maintenance of all brands and models of boilers on the market.

        A lot of geothermal systems’ contractors will tell you that you can do most of the maintenance by yourself. They could not be wronger! Alas, this kind of advice can end up causing more damage than good, because you do not have the necessary knowledge to do a complete maintenance and inspection. For a very low cost, you are sure your geothermal system is properly taken care of by a professional, who knows about each element of your heating system and can give you precious advice about its functioning.

        For a quick, precise and affordable seasonal maintenance, call Tran Climatisation’s team who can go everywhere in Montreal and South Shore. Call us now for a free quote!


        Certified specialists for a quick and guaranteed repair!

        Even if our geothermal systems are of the highest quality, it can happen that they need a repair. Our team of technicians, which gathers electricians, tinsmiths, and refrigeration technicians has all the necessary certifications and expertise to make all kinds of repair on all models and brands of geothermal systems. With proper tools and high-technology diagnostic parameters, our technician starts with a complete inspection, in order to precisely identify the repair that needs to be done.

        We make all repairs with guaranteed standard parts and high-quality equipment, thoroughly inspected before each job. Also, since we closely collaborate with our products’ manufacturers, reception delay for parts is 48 hours or less. We can even deliver the parts and accessories if necessary.

        As we are a contractor accredited by RBQ and CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), Tran Climatisation stands out by the high quality and the precision of each repair. We know that each client has unique needs and our priority is to bring you complete satisfaction.

        • High-quality work
          Be assured that each Tran Climatisation technician has all the necessary qualifications and expertise to accomplish all kinds of repairs in a professional, precise and fast way. We ensure that each technician is formed according to the highest standards of HVAC industry.
        • Repairs on all brands and models on the market
          Even if you have bought your air conditioner or heating system elsewhere, we can repair it. All our technicians are trained by HVAC manufacturers in order to perform any kind of repair on all brands and models available on the market.
        • Impeccable work site
          Many contractors have the bad habit of letting their workplace in disrepair. At Tran Climatisation, our technicians ensure to leave their workplace spotless, without leaving any equipment or debris behind.
        • Emergency repair service 24/7
          If you find yourself facing an unexpected issue outside of our opening hours, you can call upon our 24-hour emergency repair service. We will immediately send a technician to your home in order to quickly resolve your problem.

      Financing and Subsidies

      Have you ever missed the opportunity to buy or replace your geothermal system simply because you did not have access to a financing solution or a subsidy? Concerned about helping you realize your projects, Tran Climatisation offers you the chance to participate to a subsidy program or to access to a financing solution, to realize your purchase or replacement project for a heat pump, air conditioner or heating system without hassle. Until March 2012, the Government of Canada proposed a financing solution to improve the energy efficiency of homes, while saving money on energy bills. You have now access to two subsidies programs:

      • Novoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy to increase eco-energetic performance of your new home. Applies on heats pumps, air conditioners and heating systems. Can go up to $1000.
      • Rénoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy for purchase or replacement of ventilation systems or heat pumps. Can go up to $650
      • If you plan to make major renovations in your home in order to purchase or replace a heat pump, air conditioner or heating systems and you wish to subscribe to a subsidy or financing program, Tran Climatisation is there to help you. Meet one of our consultants to explore subsidies or financing solutions that you are eligible to and that can help you realize your project. Our consultant will tell you about the latest financing solutions for your renovation project. Do not let any financial obstacle terminate your project: you can always count on our support to help you find financing solutions that will meet your expectations, regardless of its size. Take a few minutes to contact Tran Climatisation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        Do you have any more questions for us concerning the geothermal systems? We have gathered frequently asked questions that we get from our customers about geothermal systems. Do not hesitate to contact our specialist team at Tran Climatisation to get all the information you need prior purchasing your brand new geothermal system!

        What is the average cost for purchase and installation of a geothermal system?

        First, prices come in two categories: installation costs (the big investment) and the operation costs.Variables are too numerous to be able to clearly state the price of a geothermal system. However, the estimations for the whole installation (underground loop and heat pump) varies between $20,000 and $30,000 for a single-family home. It does happen that the price is higher than the installation price of a combustible heating system. But, the operation cost of a geothermal system that both cools and heats your home with water and air, will be a lot lower than a standard air conditioning or heating system, regardless of its efficiency. This significant reduction of expenses in heating and air condition will make your investment profitable in a few years.

        Which additional costs should I expect for a geothermal system?

        Once a year, it is preferable to call upon the expertise of Tran Climatisation to do the maintenance and inspection of your geothermal system. It is also possible that you may need the services of a certified electrician (upgrading or adding circuit breakers), of a specialized technician for adding or modifying pipeline for the water intake, as well as landscaping after all the installation.

        Are geothermal systems safe?

        Geothermal systems are some of the safer air conditioning and heating systems that is offered on the market. This system doesn’t need combustible, storage tanks – this only eliminates the explosion risks and prevents all problem related to the outdoor air quality. This system does not have any outdoor unit, which protects it against bad weather, damage and even, vandalism.

        What is the life expectancy of a geothermal system?

        The technology of geothermal system made its debut in the market about 20 years ago. If your system has all the appropriate maintenance and repair, it can function to its full potential between 25 and 50 years. Since there are any outdoor unit, your system is protected against bad weather and vandalism.

        What is the difference between an open loop and a closed loop?

        A closed circuit is made with a continuous loop in which a liquid (most of the time, anti-freeze mix) circulates to extract heat from the earth or the water close to the loop. In an open circuit, a pipe is used to collect water, which heat is absorbed by the heat pump. A second pipe is used to evacuate the water, which is generally downstream from the extraction pipe.

        What type of maintenance does my geothermal system need?

        Make sure you change or clean the filters (except electrostatic filters) at least once a month. Any other type of maintenance, like emptying the system, heat pump inspection or adding anti-freeze), you must call an expert from Tran Climatisation, that has all the necessary knowledge and skills to do a complete maintenance of your geothermal system.

        What are the factors that can possibly decrease the efficiency of a geothermal system?

        It is mostly standard problems that can reduce the efficiency of a system that is so well built : clogged air filters (clean the filters), air in the underground loop (emptying done by a certified technician), low antifreeze level (a technician add antifreeze in the loop). It is also normal to find « normal » mistakes, such as a bad thermostat adjustment; natural problems like the decrease of the phreatic table or the water mineralization.

        What is the environmental impact of a geothermal system?

        Since a geothermal system transmits solar energy trapped in the ground to your home, it only consumes a minimal amount of electricity for production and transmission of heat without having to use combustibles. In this way, it does not contribute to operating and transporting of these combustibles, and, therefore, significantly reduces the pollution on all steps, from production to exploitation. These recent data coming from Canada Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency confirm that a geothermal system counts on the greenest conditioning of air there is on the market nowadays.

        Is the geothermal system loud?

        The compressor, the heat pump, and the ventilation of a geothermal system are all soundproof. The CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards mention that that heat pump has to be on a soundproof cushion that eliminates vibrations, but also the junction point between the heat pump and the ductwork is equipped with a noise reducer. Generally speaking, a geothermal system is one of the heating and air conditioning system that is the less noisy on the market.

        Can I do my geothermal system’s installation by myself?

        The installation of a geothermal system is very specific and complicated, it requires a lot of precision in order for your geothermal system to optimally work. For all these reasons, you should never attempt to do a geothermal installation by yourself. Tran Climatisation’s specialists have all the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge to do a professional installation of your geothermal system.

        Can a geothermal system satisfy all my needs in heating and air conditioning without an auxiliary system?

        Your geothermal system is made to respond at 100 % of all your demands in air conditioning and heating in your home, even during the coldest days of winter and the hottest days of summer. However, a system that ensures 100 % of all your needs would be a lot more expensive. On the other hand, a standard geothermal system is made to ensure 70% of all the heating, considering that an electric heating element is added to it. A few years ago, some calculation mistakes about heat losses result in an insufficient sizing. From now on, the new standard imposed by CSA (C448) has been made to avoid this kind of problem.

        How is the heat transmitted from the ground to the building?

        When the liquids circulate in the underground pipe, it absorbs the heat of the surrounding soil. The longer its circuit is, the more heat it will get. When the heated liquid goes back to the compressor, the heat is extracted then transferred to the heat pump. The heat pump heats up the air that will then be sent to your home. During summer, the compressor transfers the heat in your home to the loop’s fluid. This fluid sends back the heat to the ground, then, once cooled down, returns to your home.

        How does a geothermal system extract heat from the frozen earth?

        The loop is buried under the freezing line. Each of your geothermal system’s sections that is over this line is isolated (example: the ductwork under your home) so they do not freeze.


        Concerned about providing with a complete range of services, Tran Climatisation offers you warranties that take performance and life expectancy of your geothermal system in consideration. In addition of offering the manufacturers’ warranty, here are the warranties offered by Tran Climatisation.

        • 10-year warranty on all installations
        • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
        • 5 to 10 years warranty on parts (varies from a manufacturer to another)
        • After-sale sale warranty after sale and installation

        When buying your geothermal system, Tran Climatisation is committed to give you all the necessary information regarding the warranties related to your air conditioner.


        If you wish to learn more about geothermal system or want to obtain a free quote for your next heat pump, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation. We service all of Montreal’s territory as well as Montreal’s South Shore. Contact us by email, phone or come visit us directly in store.

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