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The furnace: essential against the cold winters in Quebec!
It is no secret that winter temperatures can reach records in Quebec, so it is crucial to have a furnace that provides you with efficiency and durability. Furnaces’ modern conception makes them safe, reliable and eco-friendly.

Tran Climatisation offers you this buying guide that will give you all the information you may need prior to buying your furnace. Whether it is about its functioning, its advantages or frequently asked questions about furnaces, we thought about everything!

Whether you are looking for an electric furnace, a gas furnace or an oil furnace, Tran Climatisation offers an exceptional expertise and all necessary skills for installation, maintenance and repair of your furnace. Do not hesitate to call us to save time and money, with products of great quality.

Why choose Tran Climatisation?

At Tran Climatisation, the quality of the customer service allows us to entirely respond to your requirement. We provide you with global, customized solutions via our high-technology furnaces.

As an authorized dealer of worldwide-known brand Carrier, we are proud to offer you the best prices for energy-efficient furnaces, approved by Energy Star that will bring you all the comfort and well-being that you deserve, while making you save on your energy bills.

You can always count on the professionalism of our team, which gathers experts and certified technicians, that will take charge of all services related to your furnace: sale, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Whether it is for an electric or natural gas furnace, let Tran Climatisation ally comfort and energy savings to your projects!

Electric furnace

How does an electric furnace work?

The electric furnace is divided in two distinct parts. The ventilation part is equipped with an engine and a ventilator that propels air in wall ducts. The second part is the combustion unit that produces heat from electricity. A furnace functioning also depends upon a thermostat, an adjustable unit that acts like a thermometer. When your home’s temperature goes under the temperature programmed on your thermostat, it “alerts” the electric furnace. The most important component of a furnace is the heating coil. This coil becomes really hot when the electricity goes through it. The air heated by this coil is blown in the house by a ventilator.

What are the advantages of an electric furnace?
One of the main advantages of the furnace is that it uses a clean and renewable energy for its functioning. In Quebec, electricity has become one of the main energy sources used for heating. Another advantage of the electric furnace is that it does require little or no maintenance or cleaning. In addition, the electric furnace does not produce any dangerous particle, or soot, and does not require the installation of a storing tank or an exhaust chimney. Finally, it is very quiet and has a very high performance

Natural Gas Furnace

How does a natural gas furnace works?

A natural gas furnace has a burner, a ventilator and an exchanger (as main parts). It is fueled with natural gas, but also with outdoor air. The air burner allows a more efficient and cleaner combustion than an atmospheric burner. The exchanger allows recovering the heat of the fumes that comes from the combustion to send it back to the cool air. Then, the heated air is propelled by the central ventilation system through the wall ducts in the house.

What are the advantages of a natural gas furnace?
One of the greatest advantages of a natural gas furnace is its fast heating capacity: it can heat up a house twice as fast as the electricity. The modern conception of these furnaces makes them extremely safe and efficient for heating. In addition, natural gas is considered to be one of the cleanest fossil energy. Like a human who breathes, while burning, natural gas produces carbon dioxide and steam. The natural gas furnace does not produce soot, dust, black smoke or ashes. The natural gas immediately releases this heat you need to be comfortable. In case of a power outage, your natural gas furnace will continue to heat your house.

Propane Gas Furnace

How does a propane gas furnace works?

Less popular than the natural gas furnace, the propane gas furnace functions in the same way, by the combustion of a fossil energy. The propane gas furnace also uses ambient air; this air is heated and returned in your home’s ventilation system. For more safety, most recent models of propane gas furnaces use electric ignition to control the burner. Since a propane gas furnace functions with a thermostat, when the temperature goes under the one that is programmed, an indicator light goes on, the flame of the burner lights up the propane, that heats the air, to finally distributes it in the ventilation system.

What are the advantages of a propane gas furnace?
The modern construction of the propane gas furnace makes it a safer and more durable device for heating. Also, the propane is a very versatile combustible that burns without any residue. Its combustion produces a lot less greenhouse effect gas emissions that any other fuel fossil; it only produces water steam and carbon dioxide. Even if the sale and installation cost varies, the propane gas furnace is more durable that the majority of electric heating systems. Like the natural gas furnace, the propane furnace heats your home a lot quicker. It also remains active during a power outage.

Oil Furnace

How does an oil furnace works?

An oil furnace system consists of a burner that, like its name states, burns the oil in the combustion room of the hot air generator. Then, the combustion gas goes through the air generator where the heat is released by an air exchanger. The gases produced by this process are then evacuated outside by the chimney. After, the ventilator makes the air that comes from the cold air return of the house into the heat exchanger. The heated air is finally distributed through the home via wall ducts or central ventilation system.

What are the advantages of an oil furnace?
The first advantage of the oil furnace is its capacity to heat your home really fast and to better distribute the heat. If you have a central heating system, you can add a central air conditioner, a heat pump, a humidifier or an air purifier. Also, the technology of the last years allows the furnaces manufacturers to put smaller, quieter and safer oil furnaces that are also more adapted to new constructions. You can even replace the traditional chimney by a power vent. In order to achieve savings in terms of energy, you must look for an oil furnace that is Energy Star approved, to ensure the highest energy efficiency. Finally, each oil furnace component is built following very strict quality criteria that often go beyond the most severe security standards.

Choosing a furnace: what you must look for.

Most of the time, there are two reasons why you should buy a new furnace. The first one is that, your current furnace, after years of loyal services, starts to show signs of old age: noisy, expensive repairs, less efficient and so on. The second reason is that the model you have has broken down, has be reported as defective or condemned by inspectors. Regardless of the reasons you have to buy or replace a furnace, here are a few tips to help you find a furnace that will be efficient, durable and that has high energy efficiency.

  • Optimize the heating of your home: Since many factors (energy cost, climate conditions, heating area) are taken into account when choosing a furnace, first, you must ask a specialist of Tran Climatisation to evaluate the heating needs of your home. Even if yo have to pay a light amount of money for this service, the results will not only determine the capacity and the proper distribution of the heat flux for your new equipment, they will be of capital importance to choose the best type of furnace for your home.
  • Opt for high energy efficiency
    If you choose a furnace fueled with combustible (natural gas, propane gas or oil) with high energy efficiency, more than average energy efficiency, you will save energy and money. The energy efficiency of a heating system for a heating season is called Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and is shown in percentage. The higher the AFUE is, the better the result. Seek to choose a brushless furnace with DC motor; they will provide you with better energy savings. Nowadays, most of the furnaces are Energy Star; this seal guarantees high energy efficiency.
  • Choose you energy source.
    Each energy source (electricity, natural gas, propane, and oil) has its benefits and inconveniences. Here is an overview of the different energy sources you may find. Do not hesitate to call our specialists for more information. [table id=13 /]
  • Know about the annual costs.
    Since heating systems represent between 50% and 60% of your energy bill, it is important to choose a furnace that will fit with your budget. Here is an overview of heating annual costs, based on the consumption of four-person household, made by the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec.[table id=14 /]
  • Ask for a quote!
    When you will have established all your needs, take an appointment with a specialist from Tran Climatisation who will not only give you a free quote, but will be a precious help, when you will consider buying a new furnace.


Tran Climatisation ensures a complete range of services related to your furnace: from sale to installation, with maintenance and repair, we provide you with a customized and professional service so you are completely satisfied with your new boiler.

Sale & Advice

At Tran Climatisation, our advisors, specialized in sale and advice, are regularly formed by manufacturers in order to know about the specific features of our products. Our diverse expertise allows us to adequately answer all your questions and to find the solution that perfectly fit your needs. We wish to find with your, easy and economical solutions to ensure optimum comfort all year long. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Cost evaluation of your air conditioning or heating system project
  • Research of available brands and models
  • Subsidy and financing possibilities
  • Information about our services (installation, maintenance, and repair)
  • Information on warranties


At Tran Climatisation, we ensure of our technicians’ excellence so that each installation is done in a professional, thorough and impeccable way. Our technician’s team, that gathers electricians, tinsmiths and certified refrigeration technicians, can go everywhere in Montreal and on the South Shore, and can also deliver furnaces directly to your home

Once he has arrived, technician proceeds with the installation, done following furnaces’ industry rules and standards. He will take good care to leave his working environment secure and spotless. Before he leaves, our technician will make one last inspection to make sure your new boiler works properly and that you understand its functioning thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new heating system.

  • Quality work
    We guarantee that each technician that works in your house has all necessary certifications and qualifications and that his experience has been thoroughly verified. Be assured that the work accomplished will be of the highest quality.
  • Impeccable workplace
    Nothing is more frustrating than a technician who does not clean his working environment after? Our technicians are careful to clean up their work environment without leaving any equipment or trash behind.
  • Reliability and peace of mind
    Regardless of the size of your project, our technicians are reliable professionals who verify each step of the installation. All our installations are guaranteed for a 10-year period, parts and labor.
  • Maintenance

    Your unit’s maintenance: an essential step
    Did you know that a seasonal maintenance of your furnace allows not only optimizing its functioning but also extending its life expectancy? Whether it is for cleaning dirty coils, replacing filters or adjusting wall ducts, Tran Climatisation’s certified technicians accomplish any kind of maintenance of all brands and models of furnaces on the market.

    A lot of furnaces’ contractors will tell you that you can do most of the maintenance by yourself. They could not be more wrong! Alas, this kind of advice can end up causing more damage than good, because you do not have the necessary knowledge to do a complete maintenance and inspection. For a very low cost, you are sure your furnace is properly taken care of by a professional, who knows about each element of your heating system and can give you precious advice about its functioning.

    For a quick, precise and affordable seasonal maintenance, call Tran Climatisation’s team who can go everywhere in Montreal and South Shore. Call us now for a free quote!


    Certified specialists for a quick and guaranteed repair!

    Even if our furnaces are of the highest quality, it can happen that they need a repair. Our team of technicians, which gathers electricians, tinsmiths, and refrigeration technicians has all the necessary certifications and expertise to make all kinds of repair on all models and brands of furnaces. With proper tools and high-technology diagnostic parameters, our technician starts with a complete inspection, in order to precisely identify the repair that needs to be done.

    We make all repairs with guaranteed standard parts and high-quality equipment, thoroughly inspected before each job. Also, since we closely collaborate with our products’ manufacturers, reception delay for parts is 48 hours or less. We can even deliver the parts and accessories if necessary.

    As we are a contractor accredited by RBQ and CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), Tran Climatisation stands out by the high quality and the precision of each repair. We know that each client has unique needs and our priority is to bring you complete satisfaction.

    • High-quality work
      Be assured that each Tran Climatisation technician has all the necessary qualifications and expertise to accomplish all kinds of repairs in a professional, precise and fast way. We ensure that each technician is formed according to the highest standards of HVAC industry.
    • Repairs on all brands and models on the market
      Even if you have bought your air conditioner or heating system elsewhere, we can repair it. All our technicians are trained by HVAC manufacturers in order to perform any kind of repair on all brands and models available on the market.
    • Impeccable work site
      Many contractors have the bad habit of letting their workplace in disrepair. At Tran Climatisation, our technicians ensure to leave their workplace spotless, without leaving any equipment or debris behind.
    • Emergency repair service 24/7
      If you find yourself facing an unexpected issue outside of our opening hours, you can call upon our 24-hour emergency repair service. We will immediately send a technician to your home in order to quickly resolve your problem.

Financing and Subsidies

Have you ever missed the opportunity to buy or replace your furnace simply because you did not have access to a financing solution or a subsidy? Concerned about helping you realize your projects, Tran Climatisation offers you the chance to participate to a subsidy program or to access to a financing solution, to realize your purchase or replacement project for a heat pump, air conditioner or heating system without hassle. Until March 2012, the Government of Canada proposed a financing solution to improve the energy efficiency of homes, while saving money on energy bills. You have now access to two subsidies programs:

  • Novoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy to increase eco-energetic performance of your new home. Applies on heats pumps, air conditioners and heating systems. Can go up to $1000.
  • Rénoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy for purchase or replacement of ventilation systems or heat pumps. Can go up to $650
  • If you plan to make major renovations in your home in order to purchase or replace a heat pump, air conditioner or heating systems and you wish to subscribe to a subsidy or financing program, Tran Climatisation is there to help you. Meet one of our consultants to explore subsidies or financing solutions that you are eligible to and that can help you realize your project. Our consultant will tell you about the latest financing solutions for your renovation project. Do not let any financial obstacle terminate your project: you can always count on our support to help you find financing solutions that will meet your expectations, regardless of its size. Take a few minutes to contact Tran Climatisation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.¸

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Do you have any other questions for us? We have gathered frequently asked questions asked by our customers who wish to buy furnaces or wish to know more about furnaces. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist at Tran Climatisation if you have specific questions regarding furnaces, we will be happy to help you.

    What is the average price of a new furnace?

    A furnace’s cost depends on many factors : your home’s size, the furnace’s type, the type of energy (electricity, natural gas, propane, oil), the current state of your ducts, the model you want plus the accessories, like thermostats and filters. In order to have a clear idea of your furnace’s cost, we invite you to contact us at Tran Climatisation to get a precise quote for the purchase, installation, and the workforce.

    How much capacity should my furnace have?

    Usually expressed in BTU/hr or in kW, your furnace’s capacity must fit with your home’s real heating needs. Without a precise calculation, you will not be able to exactly determine what your furnace capacity should be. Done by Tran Climatisation’s best technicians, this calculation basically evaluates the heat losses in your home, to clearly establish your furnace’s capacity. Many variables are considered during this calculation:

    • Your home’s floor space and volume
    • Your home’s configuration and orientation
    • Geographic Location
    • Construction Type
    • Airtightness and isolation level
    • Windows’ type, dimensions, and orientation

    It is important to specify that the calculation that we use these days do not only consider the heat losses, but also recent data about climate. Do not hesitate to ask your technician for a clear explanantion about the results he will get. Even if it may seem unnecessary, when you will have a better idea about your furnace’s capacity, you will avoid overusing energy with a motor that is too powerful, and, therefore save on your energy bills.

    What is the average lifetime for a furnace?

    If your furnace receives all appropriate maintenance and repair, its lifetime can be between 15 and 20 years.

    After how many years should I consider replacing my current furnace?

    Even if a furnace’s lifetime is fairly long, here are some undeniable signs that it would the time to change it:

    • Your furnace is more than 15 years old.
    • You have the impression that some areas in your home are colder.
    • Even with all the proper maintenance, your furnace is noisy.
    • Your last energy bills have grown bigger.
    • Your furnace needs repair more often, and they are increasingly expensive.

    In that case, do not hesitate to consult Tran Climatisation! Our team of specialists will be happy to help you choose a new furnace.

    What are the advantages of regular maintenance on my furnace?

    When cold days begin, we highly recommend you call Tran Climatisation’s technician so he can perform a preventive maintenance as well as a complete inspection of your furnace. Never should you try to perform the maintenance by yourself: our technician has all the necessary skills and qualifications to do a thorough maintenance. Have a look at the following list that summarizes all the benefits you can get from an annual maintenance.

    • It is very risky to attempt to do your furnace’s maintenance by yourself. A regular maintenance done by a specialist is a reliable and affordable solution that will do a precise and professional work.
    • A furnace that you neglect to maintain regularly can represent a potential danger for problems and breaking. A certified technician will pay a close attention to all the components of your furnace and can easily find a defect that could have damage your furnace and compromise your comfort.
    • The average lifetime of a heating system varies between 10 and 30 years. By having your furnace maintained regularly, you can benefit from its efficiency for a longer time.
    • It is proved that a bad maintenance of your heating system can compromise its performance and efficiency. A seasonal maintenance allows your furnace to work at its maximal capacity.

    You can always count on our technicians’ expertise to perform a quick and professional maintenance on your furnace so it can provide you with all the comfort you need during the coldest days of winter.

    Can I paint my furnace?

    Never should you paint your furnace. The action to paint your furnace or any other heating unit would cancel the guarantee, in case any problem would show up.

    What is the most ecological type of furnace?

    When come the time to replace or purchase a furnace, the environmental question remains an important factor in the choice of your next heating system. The modern conception of furnaces allows them to reduce to a minimal polluting particles and carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. You have to keep in mind that all energy types available to fuel your heating systems have more or less important impact on the environment. Here is an outline of ecological heating choices for your home:

    Electricity: Most Quebec’s homes are using electricity as a primary source of energy. Electricity is a renewable source that does not emit dangerous matter in the atmosphere. Its environmental impact is done on a bigger scale since dams’ construction often requires deforestation or watercourse diversion.

    Natural Gas: Natural Gas remains the greenest of all fossil fuels. It contributes the least to smog phenomena, acid rains and global warming. Its combustion releases carbon dioxide and steam. Heating systems fueled with natural gas do not produce dust, soot, smoke or ashes. For this reason, if you replace your oil furnace by a natural gas furnace, you can reduce up to 30% greenhouse gas emissions.

    Regarding propane and oil, even with the technologically advanced conception of the furnaces, risks of damaging emissions in the atmosphere make them a little less appreciated on the heating system market. On the other hand, if you have an oil furnace combined with a heat pump, you can benefit from an economical dual energy fee, but you will contribute to the reduction of pollution on the atmosphere.

    If you have questions regarding the environmental impact of your furnace, do not hesitate to ask questions to our consultants who will be happy to answer your questions.

    What is dual energy?

    The concept of dual energy is based on the utilization of electricity as primary source of heating and combining it with another combustible, like gas or oil, that is used as a secondary source during the coldest days of winter. Electricity is functioning when the outside temperature is at or above -12 degrees, and the second source takes over when the temperature goes under -12 degrees. The passage from electricity to fossil fuel is done automatically with a weather sonde outside.

    In addition, a recent dual-energy system rejects up to 4 times less greenhouse gas (CO₂) than an old oil heating system. This represents about 10.5 tons less per year.

    Is dual energy really economical?

    The first advantage of having dual-energy is that you can benefit from a reduced electricity fee at 0,0396$/kWh during almost the whole year, when the weather is under -12 degrees. However, under -12 degrees, the normal fee is 0,1727 $/kWh. If you use dual energy for your heating system, an indicator light shows you all the high-fee times and allows you to restrain your energy consumption to save even more.

    For example, in the Montreal area, if you live in a 2400 sq. f house, that dates back to 1960, and that four people live in it, it can cost you up to $3200 of annual heating fees, if you only use fuel. By choose to replace your old system that does not give you optimal performance (60 % combustion efficiency) by a dual-energy that has a 80%-efficient burner, your heating cost will decrease to $1500 per year, or $1700 savings per year. These savings consider an annual utilization of electric heating at 72% ratio and 28% oil. If you use a forced-air dual energy furnace that costs you $5000 (purchase and installation), your purchase will pay itself in three years or less.


    Concerned about providing with a complete range of services, Tran Climatisation offers you warranties that take performance and life expectancy of your furnaces in consideration. In addition of offering the manufacturers’ warranty, here are the warranties offered by Tran Climatisation.

    • 10-year warranty on all installations
    • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
    • 5 to 10 years warranty on parts (varies from a manufacturer to another)
    • After-sale sale warranty after sale and installation

    When buying your furnace, Tran Climatisation is committed to give you all the necessary information regarding the warranties related to your air conditioner.


    If you wish to learn more about furnaces or want to obtain a free quote for your next heat pump, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation. We service all of Montreal’s territory as well as Montreal’s South Shore. Contact us by email, phone or come visit us directly in store.

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