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Buying Guide – Air Exchanger


Studies have shown that most people spent 90% of their time inside their home. Also, houses’ modern construction does so that they are so well isolated that they imprison polluting particles and humidity inside. Results: more than 50% of Quebec homes are showing high humidity signs. According to specialists, installing an air exchanger and adequate ventilation allows, not only to clear the air but also, to reduce allergies’ pulmonary diseases’ symptoms.

In a recent home, it is considered that the volume of air has to be completely replaced minimally each two or three hours. In old buildings, a part of this air renewal is ensured continuously, by the lack of airtightness of windows’ and doors’ joints, which is not the case in new homes. For this reason, the air exchanger is not only a device that is increasingly sophisticated and accessible, but also more and more popular; it has now become mandatory in all new constructions.

Tran Climatisation offers you this buying guide that will provide you with all the information you need to make a judicious purchase of a brand new air exchanger. Whether it is for the air exchanger’s functioning, its advantages, our services or even frequently asked questions, we thought about everything! Regardless of the air exchanger models you are looking for, Tran Climatisation’s team offers you an exceptional expertise and all necessary skills for installation, maintenance and repair of your air exchangers.

Why choose Tran Climatisation?

With Tran Climatisation, quality of service provides a full answer to all your requirements. We offer comprehensive customized solutions through air exchanging products on the cutting edge of technology

Authorized dealer of prestigious international brand Carrier, we are proud to offer you the best prices for high energy-efficient air exchangers that will bring you all the comfort and well-being that you need, while saving on your energy bills

You can always count on the professionalism of our team of specialists, composed of expert advisors and certified technicians, which supports all services related to your air exchanging equipment: from sale to installation through maintenance and repair.

Let Tran Climatisation combine comfort and energy saving to your projects.

Air Exchanger

How does an air exchanger work?

Since most of recently built homes are airtight and very well isolated, the air loads up with humidity and polluting matters, created by human activity. Installing an air exchanger in your home contributes taking out the polluted air outside the house to replace with a clean and cool air, with no allergens, and no polluting particles. Most of air exchangers available on the market do have a heat recovery core.

In a distinct ductwork – to prevent contamination – the polluted air and the clean air are going through the recovery core. The fresh air coming from the outside captures this heat and when it attains the desired temperature; it is redirected in all the rooms by the distributed system.

The installation of an air exchanger, but also ductwork that goes everywhere in the house. If you already have a central heating system, ventilation or central air conditioning system, your air exchanger’s installation will be easier. An air exchanger is also used to evacuate the excessive humidity in your home. When it detects a humidity level that is too high, it starts evacuating ambient air outside. It also proceeds to an air filtration. When the humid air is taken outside, it goes through a filter that captures dust, pollen, mildew and other polluting agents and allergens. The process remains when cool air of the outside is brought inside; out coming humid air can heat up the incoming air, thus contributing to maintain a clean environment, a balanced temperature and also, a constant air flow in the house.

What are the advantages of an air exchanger?

Most of the human activities are causing humidity variation and pollution in the air. An air exchanger that is well installed and well-calibrated ensures a constant air renewal; which is essential to maintain good health and comfort. A controlled airflow ensures the evacuation of polluted air generated by human activities: humidity, bad odors, tobacco, pet air, dust, cleaning products’ fumes, radon, etc. If you are using a heating system fueled with gas (furnace, fireplace or stove), these devices produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide that are important to evacuate to prevent grave dangers for your health.

An air exchanger also contributes reducing and balancing the humidity level that tends to rise if the ventilation is insufficient. Even if it is mainly caused by plants, humidity also comes from cooking, laundry, perspiration and breathing. If it is not quickly regularized, humidity can become mildew and cause serious damage, not only to your health but can make your house insalubrious.

A study done in 2010 by Dr. Tom Kovesi, specialized in child respiratory diseases, in the Qikiqtaaluk community, in Nunavut, community where the child pulmonary diseases are extremely high, proved that a heat recovery air exchanger has significantly improved the symptoms of respiratory illnesses of children. It can do the same thing at your home. If a family member or you are suffering from asthma, allergies or pulmonary disease, installation of an air exchanger will reduce allergens, dust and other atmospheric irritants in the air.

What are the types of air exchanger available on the market?

Technological development and recent conception of air exchangers have made them extremely efficient and reliable devices. There are currently three types of air exchangers on the market: the standard air exchanger, the heat recovery air exchanger and the energy recovery air exchanger.

  • Standard Air Exchanger: This standard system remains the less expensive. It filters the air and rejects excessive humidity. Its main advantages are it allows avoiding condensation problems, like mildew on windows’ ledges. It also improves the air quality by capturing most of the particles and polluting matters that can cause respiratory problems. Finally, it contributes eliminating bad odors (tobacco, cooking, and humidity, cleaning products).
  • Heat Recovery Air Exchanger: Also called heat recovery ventilator, the heat recovery air exchanger, this devices remains one of the most popular models of air exchangers. It has the same features than a standard air exchanger, but it has a heat recovery core, most of the time, made of aluminum and polypropylene. This core allows it to recover most of the heat in the rejected air, in order to transmit it to the incoming cool air. This air exchanger type allows you to significantly reduce your heating fees, while benefiting from a clear, dehumidified air.
  • Energy Recovery Air Exchanger: This type of device, even more sophisticated than the two others, not only allows recovering heat, but also recovers most of humidity to maintain an acceptable humidity level all year long. Since this air exchanger can preserve an acceptable humidity level during winter and summer, it acts like a “mini heat pump”. Then again, you save money on your heat and energy bills, while improving these devices efficiency, hence the name, energy recovers air exchanger.

Choosing your air exchanger: practical tips and tricks

The first questions you should ask yourself before buying an air exchanger are: what are my needs? Are there any animals in the house? Is there anyone in my family who suffers from pulmonary illnesses or allergies? Is there a smoker in your home? These are questions that the specialized contractor of Tran Climatisation will ask you to determine which air exchanger you need.

  • Count the number of rooms and the volume of your home : An air exchanger must be chosen according to the number of rooms, the number of people, and not its size. The air quality is determined by the level of human activity that influences the humidity level variation and the amount of polluting matter in the air.
  • Opt for the heat recovery air exchanger: This criteria remains one of the most important ones prior to purchase. If you want to do some savings, it can be judicious to choose an Energy Star improved air exchanger that has a motor that consumes less energy and that guarantees a minimal heat recovery of 65%.
  • Choose an efficient filtration system: Some air exchangers already have an HEPA (High-efficiency particulate absorption) filter. Very popular on the air quality market, the HEPA filter is famous for its capacity to capture up to 99, 97% of allergens and other microscopic particles, and significantly reduce symptoms related to allergies, asthma and other pulmonary illnesses.
  • Opt for an electronically commutated motor: This type of motor remains the most efficient for an air exchanger that continuously functions. The main advantage of these high-efficiency motors is that they remain operational at low speed, while remaining quiet and consuming less electricity. Finally, these motors ensure a better distribution of the air while improving your comfort.
  • Choose the proper capacity for your air exchanger: An air exchanger’s capacity is calculated in FPM (foot per minute – this represents the capacity of the airflow.) Your air exchanger’s capacity is determined by your home’s volume. With a free quote, Tran Climatisation’s team of specialists can help you to choose an air exchanger according to its capacity to ensure you have an air of quality, while saving on your energy bills.
  • Choose an aluminum core for heat recovery: As an essential part of the heat recovery heat exchanger, an aluminum heat energy core offers a better capacity of recovering heat than the polypropylene core. A high-quality air exchanger with an aluminum heat recovery core can recover up to 70% of the energy of the polluted air sent outside.
  • Verify the noise level of your air exchanger: Since an air exchanger in continuously in operation, remember to choose a model that produces as less noise as possible. Most of the time, air exchangers models of recent conception are very quiet while remaining efficient.
  • Call a specialist for help: If you want to make sure that your house has enough space and all necessary to have an air exchanger, call a specialist at Tran Climatisation and schedule an appointment to precisely evaluation all your installation. He can also advise you of the different models that will fit your needs and budget.
  • Services

    Tran Climatisation ensures a complete range of services related to your air exchanger: from sale to installation, with maintenance and repair, we provide you with a customized and professional service so you are completely satisfied with your new boiler.

    Sale & Advice

    At Tran Climatisation, our advisors, specialized in sale and advice, are regularly formed by manufacturers in order to know about the specific features of our products. Our diverse expertise allows us to adequately answer all your questions and to find the solution that perfectly fit your needs. We wish to find with your, easy and economical solutions to ensure optimum comfort all year long. Here is what we can do for you:

    • Cost evaluation of your air conditioning or heating system project
    • Research of available brands and models
    • Subsidy and financing possibilities
    • Information about our services (installation, maintenance, and repair)
    • Information on warranties


At Tran Climatisation, we ensure of our technicians’ excellence so that each installation is done in a professional, thorough and impeccable way. Our technician’s team, that gathers electricians, tinsmiths and certified refrigeration technicians, can go everywhere in Montreal and on the South Shore, and can also deliver
your air exchanger directly to your home

Once he has arrived, technician proceeds with the installation, done following air exchangers’ industry rules and standards. He will take good care to leave his working environment secure and spotless. Before he leaves, our technician will make one last inspection to make sure your new boiler works properly and that you understand its functioning thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new heating system.

  • Quality work
    We guarantee that each technician that works in your house has all necessary certifications and qualifications and that his experience has been thoroughly verified. Be assured that the work accomplished will be of the highest quality.
  • Impeccable workplace
    Nothing is more frustrating than a technician who does not clean his working environment after? Our technicians are careful to clean up their work environment without leaving any equipment or trash behind.
  • Reliability and peace of mind
    Regardless of the size of your project, our technicians are reliable professionals who verify each step of the installation. All our installations are guaranteed for a 10-year period, parts and labor.
  • Maintenance

    Your unit’s maintenance: an essential step
    Did you know that a seasonal maintenance of your air exchanger allows not only optimizing its functioning but also extending its life expectancy? Whether it is for cleaning dirty coils, replacing filters or adjusting wall ducts, Tran Climatisation’s certified technicians accomplish any kind of maintenance of all brands and models of boilers on the market.

    A lot of air exchangers’ contractors will tell you that you can do most of the maintenance by yourself. They could not be wronger! Alas, this kind of advice can end up causing more damage than good, because you do not have the necessary knowledge to do a complete maintenance and inspection. For a very low cost, you are sure your air exchanger is properly taken care of by a professional, who knows about each element of your heating system and can give you precious advice about its functioning.

    For a quick, precise and affordable seasonal maintenance, call Tran Climatisation’s team who can go everywhere in Montreal and South Shore. Call us now for a free quote!


    Certified specialists for a quick and guaranteed repair!

    Even if our air exchangers are of the highest quality, it can happen that they need a repair. Our team of technicians, which gathers electricians, tinsmiths, and refrigeration technicians has all the necessary certifications and expertise to make all kinds of repair on all models and brands of air exchangers. With proper tools and high-technology diagnostic parameters, our technician starts with a complete inspection, in order to precisely identify the repair that needs to be done.

    We make all repairs with guaranteed standard parts and high-quality equipment, thoroughly inspected before each job. Also, since we closely collaborate with our products’ manufacturers, reception delay for parts is 48 hours or less. We can even deliver the parts and accessories if necessary.

    As we are a contractor accredited by RBQ and CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), Tran Climatisation stands out by the high quality and the precision of each repair. We know that each client has unique needs and our priority is to bring you complete satisfaction.

    • High-quality work
      Be assured that each Tran Climatisation technician has all the necessary qualifications and expertise to accomplish all kinds of repairs in a professional, precise and fast way. We ensure that each technician is formed according to the highest standards of HVAC industry.
    • Repairs on all brands and models on the market
      Even if you have bought your air conditioner or heating system elsewhere, we can repair it. All our technicians are trained by HVAC manufacturers in order to perform any kind of repair on all brands and models available on the market.
    • Impeccable work site
      Many contractors have the bad habit of letting their workplace in disrepair. At Tran Climatisation, our technicians ensure to leave their workplace spotless, without leaving any equipment or debris behind.
    • Emergency repair service 24/7
      If you find yourself facing an unexpected issue outside of our opening hours, you can call upon our 24-hour emergency repair service. We will immediately send a technician to your home in order to quickly resolve your problem.

Financing and Subsidies

Have you ever missed the opportunity to buy or replace an air exchanger simply because you did not have access to a financing solution or a subsidy? Concerned about helping you realize your projects, Tran Climatisation offers you the chance to participate to a subsidy program or to access to a financing solution, to realize your purchase or replacement project for a heat pump, air conditioner or heating system without hassle. Until March 2012, the Government of Canada proposed a financing solution to improve the energy efficiency of homes, while saving money on energy bills. You have now access to two subsidies programs:

  • Novoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy to increase eco-energetic performance of your new home. Applies on heats pumps, air conditioners, and heating systems. Can go up to $1000.
  • Rénoclimat Subsidy: Quebec subsidy for purchase or replacement of ventilation systems or heat pumps. Can go up to $650
  • If you plan to make major renovations in your home in order to purchase or replace a heat pump, air conditioner or heating systems and you wish to subscribe to a subsidy or financing program, Tran Climatisation is there to help you. Meet one of our consultants to explore subsidies or financing solutions that you are eligible to and that can help you realize your project. Our consultant will tell you about the latest financing solutions for your renovation project. Do not let any financial obstacle terminate your project: you can always count on our support to help you find financing solutions that will meet your expectations, regardless of its size. Take a few minutes to contact Tran Climatisation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have any more questions for us? We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from our customers who wish to purchase an air exchanger or simply want to learn more about it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information about air exchangers and we will be happy to help you.

    Why should I buy an air exchanger?

    It has been proved that an air exchanger can improve the air quality in your home on the first day of its installation. Since you spend 90% of your time inside, it is important that you breathe an air of quality. Also, an air exchanger reduces the humidity level in your home while decreasing the pollution and allergens in suspension in the air.

    What is the average price of an air exchanger?

    Numerous factors can influence an air exchanger’s cost: model, type, capacity, brand, etc. If you wish to learn more about the air exchangers’ price, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation for more details!

    Can an air exchanger create humidity?

    An air exchanger does not create humidity, on the contrary. It is used to evacuate the exceeding humidity during winter and balance the humidity level during summer.

    What type of filters should I use for my air exchanger?

    Many types of filters exist on the market; each one of them has its own particularities and meet different needs. Have a look at the list below to learn more about the most popular types of filters:

    • HEPA Filter: From far the most popular and most efficient filter on the market, the HEPA filter can capture up to 99,97% of particles and dust as small as 0,3 microns (some virus, allergens, cigarette smoke, radon, combustion fumes).
    • Folded Filter: This synthetic filter that is reinforced with cotton and captures particles in suspension with an efficiency rate of 72% to 1 micron and above (dust, smoke, animal hair).
    • Charcoal Filter: This filter made of polyester soaked with active charcoal that forms an absorbing matter and purifying wall. It efficiently captures odors, gas and particles with an efficiency rate of 90% at 10 microns.
    • Foam Filter: The foam filter is cleanable and captures up to 25% of particles in suspension of 1 micron and more.

    Can I install my air exchanger by myself?

    Even if the air exchanger is a relatively easy device, we strongly recommend that you contact our specialists at Tran Climatisation to install your air exchanger. They are professionals with many years of experience, who have all the necessary skills to do this type of installation. After the installation, our technician takes the time to verify everything and to explain its functioning to you.

    Can I do the maintenance of my air exchanger by myself?

    Even if it is strongly recommended to have your maintenance done by a certified technician, there are a few easy tasks that you can do by yourself.Before you start the maintenance, you must not forget to unplug your air exchanger to avoid any accidents.

    • Clean the filters: It is recommended to verify the state of your filters once every three months. For cleanable filters, you can either clean them with a vacuum or clean them with hot and soapy water. Be sure to let the filters dry out in the open before putting them back. For non-cleanable filters (like electronic and electrostatic filters), it is better to ask the help of a professional technician.
    • Outdoor Air Intake: By doing a regular inspection, you can take out the grass, snow, ice and leaves that can obstruct the air intake. You can also vacuum it to clean the duct that links up the air intake to the main device.
    • Indoor Air Intake: It is also important to frequently clean the polluted air induction vents’ grates. A trick to reduce the dirt accumulation in the air duct, add a filter on the grate. However, be sure to clean this filter often.

    If you wish to have a complete maintenance of your air exchanger, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation, and one of our certified technicians will come to help you.

    Are there regulations and requirements for air exchangers in new constructions?

    Most of contractors know about the regulations regarding air exchanger’s installation in new homes. Tran Climatisation’s team always know about upcoming regulations about air exchangers and will apply them during the installation.

    I have an air exchanger: why do I still have condensation in my windows?

    Your air exchanger is made to evacuate the exceeding humidity during winter. However, during cold days, it is normal that ice and condensation forms in your windows. Many factors can cause this phenomenon: windows’ quality, heating temperature, bad isolation, windows’ obstruction (blinds, curtains), dominating winds, brutal temperature changes, etc.

    If you want to reduce ice formation and condensation in your windows, don’t completely put down your blinds and curtains in your windows; this would prevent heat from reaching it, thus, increase the condensation risks. If you can, take off the indoor mosquito screens.Don’t wait to heat your home, especially the basement. This will allow to evacuate all the humidity accumulated during summer.

    How can I measure the humidity level?

    If you want to measure the humidity level in your home, there is a simple and cheap way to do so: you can buy a small device called hygrometer. The hygrometer will be able to confirm you if the humidity level in your home is acceptable. You will find two types of hygrometers on the market: an electric hygrometer and a mechanical hygrometer.

    In order to efficiently measure the humidity level in your home, put your hygrometer where humidity signs are most likely to appear. It is important not to install your hygrometer close to a heating source, a chimney or any other device susceptible to distort your results.For a house with 4 people, the acceptable humidity level is between 35% and 45% during winter, and 50% during summer.

    What are the advantages of a heat recovery air exchanger?

    For a few years now, the heat recovery air exchanger’s popularity doesn’t cease to grow in Quebec, because it has many advantages.Having the same characteristics as the standard air exchanger, the heat recovery air exchanger has a heat recovery core (made of aluminum and polypropylene) that captures heat particles of the rejected air – between 60% and 80% – before transmitting it to the incoming air. This device can help you reduce your heating bills. Also, the heat recovery air exchanger allows you to regulate the humidity level in your home and have an improved air circulation.

    What is the difference between an air exchanger and an air purifier?

    The principle of functioning of an air purifier is simple : it is a portable or a stable device, that has an air intake and filter system which enable it to capture particles present in the air during the passage of air in the device. When portable, the air purifier can be put anywhere in the house. You can also add it to your heating or ventilation system.

    An air exchanger, like its name, creates an air exchange between the inside and the outside of the house, while filtrating the indoor air and absorbing the humidity. Unlike the air purifier, the air exchanger has a more powerful air flow, and in the case of an air exchanger with heat recovery, it can become an auxiliary heating system and, thus, reduce your energy bills.


    Concerned about providing with a complete range of services, Tran Climatisation offers you warranties that take performance and life expectancy of your air exchanger in consideration. In addition of offering the manufacturers’ warranty, here are the warranties offered by Tran Climatisation.

    • 10-year warranty on all installations
    • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
    • 5 to 10 years warranty on parts (varies from a manufacturer to another)
    • After-sale sale warranty after sale and installation
    • When buying your air exchanger, Tran Climatisation is committed to giving you all the necessary information regarding the warranties related to your air conditioner.


      If you wish to learn more about air exchangers or want to obtain a free quote for your next air exchanger, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation. We service all of Montreal’s territory as well as Montreal’s South Shore. Contact us by email, phone or come visit us directly in store.

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