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Buying Guide – Air Conditioning


Stay cool with air conditioning!
The summer heat can become unbearable in Quebec, even stifling with humidity that only adds to the feeling of warmth. Air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular to compensate for the heat and enjoy a cool and comfortable home during the summer.

Tran Climatisation offers you this buying guide that will provide you will all the information that you could need to make a judicious choice for your air conditioning system. Whether it is for air conditioning’s functioning, its benefits, our services or frequently asked questions, we thought of everything!

Whether you are looking for a central or wall air conditioners, Tran Climatisation offers an outstanding expertise and all necessary skills for installation, maintenance and repair of your air conditioning systems. Do not hesitate to contact us to save time and money with top-quality products.

Why choose Tran Climatisation?

With Tran Climatisation, quality of service provides a full answer to all your requirements. We offer comprehensive customized solutions through air conditioning products on the cutting edge of technology

Authorized dealer of prestigious international brand Carrier, we are proud to offer you the best prices for high energy-efficient air conditioning systems that will bring you all the comfort and well-being that you need, while saving on your energy bills

You can always count on the professionalism of our team of specialists, composed of expert advisors and certified technicians, which supports all services related to your air conditioning equipment: from sale to installation through maintenance and repair.

Whether it is for ductless or central air conditioner, let Tran Climatisation combine comfort and energy saving to your projects.

Wall Aid Conditioning

How does a wall air conditioner works?
Also called ductless air conditioner, wall air conditioning system combines two units, a heat exchanger inside and the condenser outside. Air conditioning cycles starts by absorption of warm and humid air in your house via the heat exchanger. As it passes from the liquid state to the gaseous state, the refrigerant in the pipe absorbs heat and moisture from the air. Then, it passes to the condenser which transfers heat to the outside. Finally, cool and dehumidified air diffuses through the heat exchanger.

What are the benefits to own a wall air conditioner?
In addition of having a cool and pleasant home during the hottest days of summer, wall air conditioners dehumidifies the air. Window air conditioner is a system that is less expensive but is a lot louder and is more power hungry. Wall air conditioning remains a sustainable investment that allows you to benefit of a balanced coolness all summer long, while saving on your energy bills.With a thermostat or control, you can program your ductless air conditioner to a preferred temperature, adapted to outside weather.

If your home has many storeys or divisions, multizone wall air conditioner will be a better option. Composed with one condenser, but many heat exchangers, it will ensure a more even and efficient air conditioning. Be sure to calculate the area that needs to be cooled (check out the BT/U chart below for more information) to know the power of your air conditioning system. A wall air conditioning system that is too powerful consumes a lot of energy and unnecessarily increases your electric bill.

Area to be cooled (square feet) Required cooling capacity (in BTU)
100 to 700 9000
700 to 1200 12000
1200 to 1600 18000
1600 & more think of multi-zone systems for more homogeneity and comfort.

All our wall conditioning systems are Energy Star, which guarantees a high energy efficiency and energy savings.

Central Air Conditioning

How does central air conditioning works?
A central air conditioning system is composed with a condenser that is outside your house. The heat exchanger is grafted to your central heating or ventilation systems. The operating method is the same as the wall conditioner: the warm and humid is captured and moved in the cooling duct. It takes off the warmth and humidity from the air and send it back outside via the condenser. Then, the heat exchanger diffuses the cooled air via your ventilation or heating system.

What are the benefits from central air conditioning?
The main advantage related to a central air conditioner is that it distributes the cool and dehumidified air more evenly. Also, if you already have a central system, the installation of a central air conditioner will be less expensive and simplified since it does not require as much renovations. Prior to purchase, one of the most important aspects to consider is your home area. Thus, you will be able to choose the ideal power BT / U so that your central air conditioning is well calibrated and remains economic. If it is too powerful, a central air conditioning system consumes a lot of energy and will boost your energy bill.

[table id=5 /]

Choosing your wall air conditioner: 10 criteria to consider

If you are reluctant to acquire a wall air conditioning system, here is an article from the prestigious Protégez-vous magazine that will give you tips and tricks to find the perfect wall air conditioning that will fit all your needs.

1. System and service quality
As many manufacturers have lower quality products to the most optimal quality, it is impossible to only trust the brand. Renowned manufacturers with a well-established market on the international market often allow a greater part of their budget to research and product development sector. They also have an important parts inventory. In addition, they have a more efficient distribution network than smaller businesses that want to profit from air conditioners’ popularity. “In order to know about the sales points of wholesale or of a manufacturer, you can contact them directly or visit their website”, advices Henri Bouchard, technical director at Corporation des maîtres-électriciens en tuyauterie du Québec, and Luc Desrochers, air conditioning entrepreneur and former teacher at École Polytechnique of Laval.

2. Right Size
Be careful: an oversized air conditioner will evacuate the warmth quicker from your home, without taking out the moisture it efficiently. In a more robust compressor than usual, an over solicitation may lead to a faster usury. Make sure you contact a specialist to exactly determine the best size (in BT/U) for your air conditioner. The size you will choose depends on many aspects: house’s dimension, how the rooms are disposed, ceilings’ height, fenestration, sunshine level and isolation. Have a look at the following chart to carefully evaluation the size you will need according to the surface to cool.

Area to be cooled (square feet) Required cooling capacity (in BTU)
100 to 700 9000
700 to 1200 12000
1200 to 1600 18000
1600 & more think of multi-zone systems for more homogeneity and comfort.

*On the package, size is shown in « BTU », it is actually « BTU/h ».
** The calculation is done by taking into account open spaces, adding extra systems could be necessary.**

Power consumption varies with the size. According to Hydro-Québec’s estimation, a 12-EER air conditioner that works for 8 hours straight during the day, during a 90-day period, consumes:
12 000 BTU/h: 730 kWh (53,15 $)/18 000 BTU/h 1080 kWh (79,72 $)

3. Energy Efficiency
Concerning ductless air conditioners, Natural Resources Canada admits two energy efficiency codes :

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

In both cases, a high rate guarantees of a high efficiency system. This quotation is on the ÉnergGuide label of the product or in the manufacturer’s catalog.

  • SEER : from 13 (less efficient) to 26 (very rare on the market)
  • EER : from 8 (less efficient) to 12 (maximum capacity)

In order to be Energy Star approved, a ductless system must have at least a 12 EER and 14,5 SEER.


4. Inverter technology
Wall air conditioners start when the temperature goes beyond a predetermined value and stops when this value is reached once more. These systems consume an astronomical amount of energy, because the compressor goes from non-existent consumption to a full business activity. Therefore, it results in greater energy consumption. If you are concerned about energy efficiency and you can pay twice as much than the average for your system, it is essential to find an Inverter air conditioning system at variable speed.

Its compressor activates and speeds up until it reaches its maximal capacity. Then, it gradually reduces its speed when the wanted temperature is about to be reached. According to the experts consulted, you will manage to obtain a more stable temperature and save 10 % to 15 % more energy. If you compare with a standard air conditioner, that can miss its objective from 3 degrees, the margin of error of Inverter’s technology is 1 degree Celsius. However, it is essential to calculate the Inverter system’s size. In fact, a system of lower size will work as twice as hard, and will dramatically increase its consumption and will not have any advantage over a standard wall air conditioner.

5. Air Quality
All the specialists who were consulted agree to assert that you have to be wary to the representatives who certify that their product increases the air quality. “The filter you can find in an air conditioner is mainly used to prevent that dirt goes into the coil. Only a central air conditioner with an electronic or HEPA filter can improve the air quality”, says Luc Desrochers.

6. Sound Quality
Generally, manufacturers have considerably reduced the noise made by the air conditioners’ compressor. According to specialists, it is possible for you to compare different models by looking at the decibels’ indications on the package, if you can find a CSA B52 certification. At first glance, the Standards Council of Canada ensures that the information provided by the manufacturers is genuine.

7. Price
Since the companies have an intense moment of activity that lasts approximately ten weeks during summer, prices can raise up $ 200 to 500 $ and up. The end of May is the best time to take a decision. Otherwise, you can wait and purchase your air conditioner during Fall for the next year. Air conditioners’ price varies, as it is shown in the chart below. The more complex the installation is, the more expensive it will be.

12 000 BTU/h System *

[table id=7 /]

*For an 18 000 BTU/h air conditioner, add 500 to 750 $. **Standard Installation: outdoor and indoor units are on the same wall, and the piping is in a straight line. ***Prices in low season.

8. Warranties
According to Henri Bouchard and Luc Desrochers, warranty duration as presented by the manufacturer is a reliable clue to determine the system’s quality. Experts conclude that a high-quality system has a lifetime of 12 to 15 years. The majority of manufacturers only offer a 10-year warranty on parts for their systems. It is essential to require a written warranty that specifies the extent (parts and labour), as well as the responsibilities of each party, if the manufacturer or installer closes.

9. Installation
It has to be done properly so that your air conditioner is efficient and sustainable. You must ensure that the business has a licence in refrigeration of Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and from CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec). In addition, the installer needs to detain a refrigeration proficiency certificate issued by the Commission de la construction du Québec. Under the law governed by the RBQ, you have the right to demand it.


You can verify if the business has received complaints from customers.


Enter the name of the company in the following field “Renseignez-vous’


Find a contractor ⇨ Register of license holders


Customers ⇒ Membership directory

10. Maintenance
An air conditioner that does not have proper maintenance will lose its warranty. In addition, it will consume from 10 % to 20 % more than usual and will break quicker, say Henri Bouchard and Luc Desrochers.


  • REGULARLY: Clean the accumulated debris in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.
  • EVERY MONTH: Clean the filter in the indoor unit.
  • EVERY TWO YEARS: Ask a technician to verify your wall air conditioner which has the same skills than the installer.

Note to the reader: This article is an help make a better choice for your ductless air conditioner. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the specialists at Tran Climatisation!

Source : Protégez-vous Magazine, June 2012 Edition


Tran Climatisation ensures a complete range of services related to your air conditioning system : from sale to installation, with maintenance and repair, we provide you with a customized and professional service so you are completely satisfied with your new air conditioning system.

Sale & Advice

Our expert advisors are there for you!
At Tran Climatisation, our advisors, specialised in sale and advice, are regularly formed by manufacturers in order to know about the specific features of our products. Our diverse expertise allows us to adequately answer all your questions and to find the solution that perfectly fit your needs. We wish to find with your, easy and economical solutions to ensure optimum comfort all year long. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Cost evaluation of your air conditioning or heating system project
  • Research of available brands and models
  • Subsidy and financing possibilities
  • Information about our services (installation, maintenance and repair)
  • Information on warranties


A team of specialized technicians for an impeccable installation!
At Tran Climatisation, we ensure of our technicians’ excellence so that each installation is done in a professional, thorough and impeccable way. Our technician’s team, that gathers electricians, tinsmiths and certified refrigeration technicians, can go everywhere in Montreal and on the South Shore, and can also deliver HVAC equipment directly to your home

Once he has arrived, technician proceeds with the installation, done following HVAC industry rules and standards. He will take good care to leave his working environment secure and spotless. Before he leaves, our technician will make one last inspection to make sure your new HVAC unit works properly and that you understand its functioning thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, so you can enjoy every aspect of your new air conditioning or heating system.

  • Quality work : We guarantee that each technician that works in your house has all necessary certifications and qualifications and that his experience has been thoroughly verified. Be assured that the work accomplished will be of the highest quality.
  • Impeccable workplace : Nothing is more frustrating than a technician who does not clean his working environment after? Our technicians are careful to clean up their work environment without leaving any equipment or thrash behind.
  • Reliability and peace of mind :Regardless of the size of your project, our technicians are reliable professionals who verify each step of the installation. All our installations are guaranteed for a 10-year period, parts and labor.


Your unit’s maintenance: an essential step
Did you know that a seasonal maintenance of your HVAC unit allows not only optimizing its functioning, but also extending its life expectancy? Whether it is for cleaning dirty coils, replacing filters or cooling liquid or adjusting wall ducts, Tran Climatisation’s certified technicians accomplish any kind of maintenance of all brands and models of HVAC units and air quality systems on the market.

A lot of HVAC contractors will tell you that you can do most of the maintenance by yourself. They could not be more wrong! Alas, this kind of advice can end up causing more damage than good, because you do not have the necessary knowledge to do a complete maintenance and inspection. For a very low cost, you are sure your HVAC unit is properly taken care of by a professional, who knows about each element of your heating and air conditioning system and can give you precious advice about its functioning.


Certified specialists for a quick and guaranteed repair!
Even if our HVAC systems are of the highest quality, it can happen that they need a repair. Our team of technicians, which gathers electricians, tinsmiths and refrigeration technicians has all the necessary certifications and expertise to make all kinds of repair on all models and brands of air conditioning, heating and air quality systems. With proper tools and high-technology diagnostic parameters, our technician starts with a complete inspection, in order to precisely identify the repair that needs to be done.

We make all repairs with guaranteed standard parts and high-quality equipment, thoroughly inspected before each job. Also, since we closely collaborate with our products’ manufacturers, reception delay for parts is 48 hours or less. We can even deliver the parts and accessories if necessary.

As we are a contractor accredited by RBQ and CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres-mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), Tran Climatisation stands out by the high quality and the precision of each repair. We know that each client has unique needs and our priority is to bring you complete satisfaction.

  • High-quality work
    Be assured that each Tran Climatisation technician has all the necessary qualifications and expertise to accomplish all kinds of repairs in a professional, precise and fast way. We ensure that each technician is formed according to the highest standards of HVAC industry.
  • Repairs on all brands and models on the market
    Even if you have bought your air conditioner or heating system elsewhere, we can repair it. All our technicians are trained by HVAC manufacturers in order to perform any kind of repair on all brands and models available on the market.
  • Impeccable work site
    Many contractors have the bad habit of letting their workplace in disrepair. At Tran Climatisation, our technicians ensure to leave their workplace spotless, without leaving any equipment or debris behind.
  • Emergency repair service 24/7
    If you find yourself facing an unexpected issue outside of our opening hours, you can call upon our 24-hour emergency repair service. We will immediately send a technician to your home in order to quickly resolve your problem.

Financing and Subsidies

Have you ever missed the opportunity to buy or replace an air conditioner simply because you did not have access to a financing solution or a subsidy? Concerned about helping you realize your projects, Tran Climatisaion offers you the chance to participate to a subsidy program or to access to a financing solution, to realize your purchase or replacement project for a heat pump, air conditioner or heating system without hassle. Until March 2012, the Government of Canada proposed a financing solution to improve the energy efficiency of homes, while saving money on energy bills. You have now access to four subsidie programs:

  • Novoclimat Subsidy : Quebec subsidy to increase eco-energetic performance of your new home. Applies on heats pumps, air conditioners and heating systems. Can go up to $1000.
  • Rénoclimat Subsidy : Quebec subsidy for purchase or replacement of ventilation systems or heat pumps. Can go up to $650
  • LogiRénov Program: Tax credit from Quebec’s Government that allows installation or replacement of heating systems, air conditioning, geothermal systems and ventilation systems. Until July 2015. Can go up to $2,500.

If you plan to make major renovations in your home in order to purchase or replace a heat pump, air conditioner or heating systems and you wish to subscribe to a subsidy or financing program, Tran Climatisation is there to help you. Meet one of our consultants to explore subsidies or financing solutions that you are eligible to and that can help you realize your project. Our consultant will tell you about the latest financing solutions for your renovation project. Do not let any financial obstacle terminate your project : you can always count on our support to help you find financing solutions that will meet your expectations, regardless of its size. Take a few minutes to contact Tran Climatisation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have any more questions ? We have gathered the most common questions that our customers have prior to buy an air conditioner or that they wish to know about their air conditioner. If we cannot answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact a specialist at Tran Climatisation!

What is a ductless air conditioner?
A ductless air conditioner is a small central unit that cools or heats your home. Also call wall air conditioner, this system is composed by two units : the heat exchanger (indoor) that is relied to the condenser (outdoor). Unlike the central air conditioner, the ductless unit is used to cool certain rooms around your house, instead of the complete house. Most of the time, ductless air conditioning units are smaller, less expensive, easier to install and more efficient than a central system.

What is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The higher the SEER rating is, the higher your system efficiently converts electricity into cooling power.

What is the price for buying and installing a central air conditioner?
Whether it for a central or wall air conditioning system, purchase and installation prices can vary according to its size in BTU, model and brand. Generally speaking, wall conditioners, installation included, can cost between 2800 $ and 4500 $. If you wish to learn more about the prices of air conditioning systems, do not hesitate to ask Tran Climatisation for a free quote.

How to calculate the size of the air conditioning system I need?
The size of a wall or central air conditioner is calculated in BT/U. For an efficient cooling, calculate the area that needs to be cooled and you will be able to determine the adequate size for your air conditioning system. Below, you will find a comparative chart that gives you an overview of the size you should choose for your air conditioning system.

[table id=5 /]

Buying a more powerful air conditioning system will result in an increased energy bill and your air conditioner will cool your home too quickly. Inversely, if you buy an air conditioner that is too small, its motor will overheat and only a part of your home will be cooled. If you have any questions regarding the size of your air conditioner, ask the team of Tran Climatisation for advice.

When is it time to change my air conditioner?
If you think that your air conditioning system is about to expire, here are some reasons that can encourage you to replace it.

  • Your air conditioning is more than 10 years old.
  • Its cooling capacity has decreased a lot.
  • It is very noisy.
  • Your air conditioner needs more and more repairs that are increasingly expensive.
  • Your energy bills continue to rise.

The modern conception of air conditioning systems emphasizes on performance, high energy efficiency and discretion. A new air conditioning system will undoubtedly be more efficient, more discreet and will consume less energy than an old air conditioner.

What is the life expectancy of an air conditioner?
If your air conditoner has regular maintenance and all necessary repair, its life expectancy can go up to 15 years. If you wish to keep your air conditioning system for many years, it is necessary to have regular maintenance before and after high season (from June to September): cleaning the filters, duct inspection, outdoor and indoor units’ inspection.

Can I do the maintenance of my air conditioner myself?
Although it is best to seek the help of a trained technician of Tran Climatisation to do the annual maintenance of your air conditioner, here are some practical tips to do some maintenance by yourself :

  • Replace the filters regularly. You can change the filters every two to six months, while taking into account your air conditioners’ model and efficiency (disposable or electronic filters). In addition, you can clean the pre-filters. NEVER clean electronic or carbon filters with water, you can either compromise their performance or seriously damage them.
  • Make sure you balance the temperature in your home. During summer, close the basement’s ventilation grids so that cool air can circulate in upper floors. In all cases, the basement is undoubtedly the coldest room in your home.
  • If your air conditioner has a humidifier, shut it down. During summer, make sure your humidifier is shut down and close the grid. You do not wish to add more humidity in your home during an heat wave.
  • Verify the noise level of your air conditioner. If it is too noisy, it can be a harbinger of a bigger problem.

My air conditioner is frozen. How can I solve this problem?
There is a strong heat wave during summer and your air conditioner or heat pump outdoor unit is frozen. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Many elements can create frost on your air conditioning system. Here are some explanations that can help you resolve this problem.

  • It is possible that there is interference in the air inflow. This interference results of dirty air filter, debris accumulation in the heat exchanger coil, of a damaged ventilation motor or too small vents blocked or collapsed.
  • It is also possible that the outdoor temperature can cause a frosting problem. An outdoor temperature lower than 60°F (or 15°C), can make sure that the outdoor unit does not function optimally. In addition, if the temperature drops too drastically overnight, your outdoor unit can be covered in frost.
  • Problems with your air conditioner’s refrigeration can also cause frosting. If the refrigerant level is too low or is leaking, this can cause a pressure drop in the air conditioner’s heat exchanger. The air moisture can also freeze and agglomerate in the coil. If it is the case, call a technician immediately.
  • Unfortunately, if a layer of frost covers your air conditioner or your heat pump, it is a sign that there is a problem. A frozen air conditioner results from a lower cooling capacity. Do not waste any time and act quickly; a breakage due to frosting consumes a lot more energy and can seriously damage your air conditioner or heat pump.

If your air conditioner is covered with frosting, here are the directions to follow :

  • When you see that your air conditioner is frozen, shut it down and let it defrost completely.
  • When it is defrosted, check the air inflow and clean or replace your filters. This can partly solve your frosting problem.
  • If the frosting problems go on even after cleaning and replacing your filters, call Tran Climatisation’s technician immediately. A Freon leakage, more important air leaks or other problems can necessitate an expert to look at it. Do not attempt to do the repair yourself. Let a qualified technician take care of it.

If you have any doubt about your air conditioner’s functioning, contact the specialists at Tran Climatisation immediately so they can solve the problem quickly.

When is the best time to buy a new air conditioner?
Do not want during the heat waves of summer to buy a new air conditioner : it will be more difficult to get a appointment, but also, to get the brand and model you want. If you decide to buy or replace your air conditioning system during autumn or during April or May, when it will be easier to get an appointement and this particular model that will fit your home. During that time, air conditioners also tend to be 200 $ to 500 $ less expensive than during the summer.

Can I install my wall air conditioner by myself?
Never should you try to install a wall air conditioner by yourself. It is essential to call upon the expertise of qualified technicians of Tran Climatisation, composed by refrigeration experts, electricians and tinsmiths that have all necessary skills and knowledge to do a flawless installation.


Concerned about providing with a complete range of services, Tran Climatisation offers you warranties that take performance and life expectancy of your air conditioner in consideration. In addition of offering the manufacturers’ warranty, here are the warranties offered by Tran Climatisation.

  • 10-year warranty on all installations
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • 5 to 10 years warranty on parts (varies from a manufacturer to another)
  • After-sale sale warranty after sale and installation


If you wish to learn more about air conditioning systems or want to obtain a free quote for your next air conditioner, do not hesitate to contact Tran Climatisation. We service all of Montreal’s territory as well as Montreal’s South Shore. Contact us by email, phone or come visit us directly in store.

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Should you have any more questions about our air conditioning systems, central or wall, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you may need.

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