Since 2008, Tran Climatisation does sale, installation, maintenance and repair of high-quality boilers of all models and brands in Hampstead. Here are some of the most popular boilers on the market :

  • Electric Boiler
    Generally, the electric boiler is rather discreet and inexpensive. Very efficient, it can be installed anywhere without a storage tank or an exhaust chimney. It is the most common boiler you can find in Quebec’s homes. It provides an even and comfortable heat, using a green and renewable source of energy.
  • Natural Gas Boiler
    More than 140,000 homes in Quebec are heated with natural gas. Natural gas heats air and water twice as fast as electricity. Natural gas boiler offers 90 % efficiency and more, so minimizes heat loss. It does not require the installation of a storage tank. A natural gas boiler will heat your home even when the power is out.
  • Oil Boiler
    Used in dual energy with an heat pump, an oil boiler is one of the most economical ways of heating. Modern oil boilers are a lot safer, more efficient and greener than they were twenty years ago.
  • Hot-water boiler
    Hot water boilers are one of the most common and used heating systems in Quebec. Electrical resistances heat the water and pump it through a distribution system throughout the house, providing you with a comfortable heat.

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Our technical and advice team is always available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best heating system that fits with your needs and budget. We can also explore with you financing and subsidies solutions so you can realize your project.

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